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Main Activities


  • Arranging and co-ordinating both amateur and professional tournaments and International Matches (Championship and Professional Technical Committees).

  • Reviewing European aspects of Rules, Amateur Status and Handicapping in R&A and EGA Committees.

  • Information and communication amongst

    • our member federations

    • between the EGA, R&A and the International Golf Federation 

    • between the Executive Committee, the Championship Committee and EGA Committees

    • press and media

    • through a regular circulation of information of general interest such as circular letters, précis, regulations and calendars


  • Education, through means such as golf conferences, seminars, meetings between member countries.

  • Golf Course Management in collaboration with the R&A.

  • Course Rating and Handicapping: Set-up and management of the EGA Handicap System.

  • Building and maintaining good relationships with the professional golfing bodies. Integration of European emerging golf countries in the EGA.

  • Information centre for our member federations to answer questions in various fields of the game of golf (statistical, technical ..).