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Main Activities

The European Golf Association concerns itself with matters of an international nature, recognizing the independence and authority of its member federations in their respective countries.

The EGA carries out various activities, primarily including:


The EGA’s core business is coordinating European Championships and International Matches for elite amateur players of various age categories. The association oversees more than 20 international events each year, primarily in coordination with its member federations and alongside organizations such as The R&A and EDGA.

More information on the EGA’s events can be found here.


The EGA is responsible for the oversight, implementation and administration of the World Handicap System (WHS) in Continental Europe as the exclusive Authorised Handicapping Body in this zone. The EGA formerly administered the EGA Handicap System and since 2020 has assisted its member associations to implement the World Handicap System (WHS) in their countries.

Read more about the EGA’s handicapping activities here.


The association provides a platform for communication and collaboration between its member federations through physical meetings, coordinating workshops and regular communications on various subjects. The EGA maintains and fosters collaboration with other international organisations in European golf, and further afield.

The EGA also shares the latest developments in European Golf through its monthly newsletter, which can be subscribed to here.


The EGA offers a forum to its member federations for the sharing of learnings and best practice initiatives on the topic of sustainability. The association also represents its member federations in front of the European Union, in collaboration with other stakeholders of the European Golf Sector.

Discover recent sustainable golf initiatives in the EGA’s best practice section.


In addition, the EGA is also involved in a number of other activities including:

  • Managing a European calendar of close to 200 international golf championships at
  • Hosting the European Amateur Golf Rankings at
  • Coordinating the EGA Working Group in charge of Environmental Sustainability (WGES) bringing together the sustainability experts of EGA members
  • Developing amateur pathways in Europe in collaboration with The R&A and the European Tour Group
  • Coordinating European representatives on The R&A Committees such as the WAGR, Rules of Golf, and Amateur Status Committees

The EGA commits itself to the spirit of golf and the cross-border harmony provided by international sport. The EGA upholds integrity in undertaking the role provided in its Constitution and provides respect and cooperation in its services to members.