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Formed in 1937, the Association is presently composed of 49 member countries and is governed by: the Annual General Meeting and Executive Committee. In addition, it has the following committees: Championship Committee;
EGA Handicapping & Course Rating Committee ; and Environmental Sustainability Working Group.

The EGA is responsible for:

  • Arranging and co-ordinating both amateur championships and international matches (Championship Committee);

  • Reviewing European aspects of Rules, Amateur Status and Handicapping in R&A and EGA Committees;

  • Information and communication amongst member federations; The R&A and the International Golf Federation; between the Executive Committee, the Championship Committee and EGA Committees; and press and media;

  • Education, through means such as golf conferences, seminars, meetings between member countries;

  • Golf Course Management in collaboration with the R&A;

  • Course Rating and Handicapping: Set-up and support of the World Handicap System.

​There are currently no job opportunities available at the moment.