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The World Handicap System in Europe

The European Golf Association has been using its own Handicapping System since January 2000. In 2019, the European Golf Association was made responsible for the oversight, implementation and administration of the World Handicap System (WHS) as the exclusive authorized handicapping body in Continental Europe. Since 2020, the EGA assisted its member associations to implement the WHS in their countries with the ultimate goal of seeing the golf community across the world adopt a common system, the World Handicap System.

The EGA Handicapping and Course Rating Committee (HCRC) will be happy to answer any handicapping or course rating questions from its member associations. Detailed information relating to the World Handicap System and its procedures is available in the Members’ Section of this website.

Please note the HCRC does not respond to questions from individual golfers or clubs who should contact their National Associations in case of queries. National Associations administer the WHS in their jurisdictions and will be able to provide necessary clarifications to the individual golfer or club in accordance with the current system. Questions of principal nature could eventually be forwarded to the HCRC of the European Golf Association.