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Ukraine Represented at the European Amateur Championship: Ivan Malovychko

Ivan Malovychko received special permission to leave Ukraine and compete in the 2022 European Amateur Championship at Parador El Saler.


Ivan Malovychko: Ukraine Represented in the 2022 European Amateur Championship


While away, Ivan called his family, who are still in Ukraine, multiple times a day to check they are safe. Living in Kharkiv until May, Malovychko was unable to fully prepare for the tournament due to debris from the war on his home course.

"My family is still in Kharkiv, but there's bombing there all the time." explained Malovychko. "It's tough to be here, safe, when you know your family is not safe."



In spite of awful circumstances, Malovychko was most appreciative of the opportunity to compete in the championship, with the support of the EGA's Ukrainian Golf Federation (UGF) Fund. 


"In the end, I see my flag here and it's an unbelievable feeling."


Ruslan Garkavenko, the head coach of the Ukrainian national team, travelled to the event to support Malovychko, alongside a number of his friends who are currently living in Spain.



The UGF Fund was setup to help golfers from Ukraine compete in international competitions. Malovychko is one of the first to be supported by the EGA initiative, which will also assist a number of Ukrainian players in international championships in the coming weeks.


With donations from individuals, EGA committee members, EGA member federations, and golf clubs, the fund has raised over 50,000 euros so far. Information on how to make a donation can be found here.