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For the first time, the EGA is organising an EGA Sustainability Day for European sustainability experts in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, to share views on sustainable best practices which are implemented in the world of golf.


The goal of the on-site meeting is to provide the opportunity for experts of the EGA Member Federations in Europe to get together in order to discuss various areas of development and improvement relating to environmental sustainability and golf.


Mrs Caroline Huyskes, EGA President-Elect, declared: "As President-Elect of the EGA, I am chairing the EGA Working Group on Environmental Sustainability and discussed that it would be very useful to organise a day where we invite the sustainable experts of our members to share best practices, get to know each other and invite guest speakers."



The EGA has received positive feedbacks from its Member Federations who responded with a strong will to participate in the discussion. Each representative will have the opportunity to present initiatives implemented in their respective country and the obstacles they face as well as the positive outcomes which are achieved.


Up to now, 16 countries will attend the meeting in order to exchange and learn from each other's experiences.


The EGA has also invited guest speakers to share their expertise on the topic of environmental sustainability and responsibility in golf:

  • Mrs Arlette Anderson, R&A Director of Sustainable Golf, who will present The R&A sustainable golf priority areas which includes Sustainable Agronomy, Research and Foundation.
  • Mr Jonathan Smith, GEO Executive Director and Founder, who will join the discussion and explain the foundation and progress of sustainable golf from the perspective of his organisation.


The EGA Sustainability Day will take place on the 23rd of May 2022, in Amsterdam, with the following Programme:

EGA Members that wish to join the EGA Sustainability Day on 23rd of May, please contact