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Player Handicap Reports in Elite Amateur Events

The EGA’s Handicapping & Course Rating Committee (HCRC) has noticed that too often away scores are not entered on players’ handicapping records. This seems to be a problem also for elite amateur players that participate in international championships all around Europe. In order to improve consistency, it needs to be ensured that handicap indexes are updated properly following the rules.


At the moment, there seems to be some inconsistency of the data provided in handicap reports as well as their accessibility on EGA members’ websites. For example, it is sometimes difficult to find a link to handicap reports or some necessary information is missing.


As long as technology is not able to exchange data automatically, the HCRC encourages EGA members to help each other and provide foreign clubs and players with the handicapping data needed to enter all players’ away scores on the handicapping records. This could be done in two ways:



1.  Making sure that players return home with all necessary information (Course Rating and Slope Rating of the golf course played, daily PCC, Adjusted Gross Score/Stbl Points)



2.  Making sure that all relevant information is easily available on the member’s and competition's website



EGA members are invited to have a look at the below extract from an EGA Championship Handicap Report. All necessary information is provided to ensure that handicap indexes can be updated according to the rules of handicapping. These Handicap Reports are always shared on the respective EGA Event’s webpage after the end of a championship.



Extract from the 2021 EGA European Amateur Championship Handicap Report


If all members make an effort in this direction and all Championship reports can be accessed easily by participants and participating members, then the management of handicap indexes should be slightly simpler for our clubs.



Richard Cau

Chairman of the EGA Handicapping and Course Rating Committee



The full Handicap Report of the 2021 EGA European Amateur Championship can be found on the respective event page below: