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Mid-Amateur Entries for Ages 25-30 Remain Solid

In 2021, the EGA took the decision to lower the age limit of the European Mid-Amateur Men’s and Ladies’ Championships from 30 to 25. One goal of this decision was to encourage younger mid-amateur players to remain active in international golfing competitions.


The EGA was encouraged by feedback received by players aged 25-30 at the European Mid-Amateur Championship in 2021, and is pleased to see that the number of entries to the event from players in this category remained solid in 2022.


Overall entry numbers to the European Mid-Amateur Championships were as strong as ever for the 2022 event, with the highest number of female players entering (66) since the Ladies' Championship was inaugurated in 2019.


The total number of entries from players aged 25-30 was even slightly higher in 2022 than 2021. The increase in entries for this age group was mainly thanks to the ladies’ side of the event, where the number of entries from female players aged between 25-30 increased significantly, with the men's numbers remaining similar.


The EGA is constantly looking for ways to promote elite competition and participation in European golf at all ages, and will look to further promote competitive golf at the mid-amateur level in the coming years.


The European Mid-Amateur Men’s and Ladies’ Championships will be held this week at Golf du Médoc Resort in France, where 90 men and 54 women will compete for the European titles. Both previous year’s winners, Steven Rojas and Maria Anetseder, were over 30 years old when competing in 2021, meaning a player under the age of 30 is yet to win at the event.



Updates from the event can be followed on the event pages here.