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In collaboration with The R&A, the EGA recently co-hosted a Technical IT Webinar on Interoperability to facilitate information sharing between IT experts from National Golf Authorities in Europe.


The World Handicap System (WHS) was launched in 2020 and introduced a new method of calculating handicap indexes. This system is now used throughout the world and receives strong recognition from the governing bodies involved in golf.


To enhance the characteristics of a worldwide system, the WHS requires an exchange of data concerning course ratings, handicap indexes and scores which is organised through the interoperability standards. The interoperability system requires certain software developments that also need to be in line with General Data Protection Regulations across jurisdictions.


On the 12th of March, the EGA organised a webinar where the IT experts of European National Golf Authorities working towards the implementation of the interoperability system were able to meet and exchange their respective experiences.


This webinar received strong participation and was attended by more than 50 experts from 20 nations. Questions raised by the participants were collected beforehand and answered by The R&A's representatives. Technical details about the operation of the interoperability standards were also addressed. Some points regarding data protection were raised and will be clarified in the near future by the WHS organisation.


The participants were pleased to have received this opportunity to interact directly with experts from The R&A, to discuss technical challenges relating to the system and to learn from each other’s points of view. The EGA strives to provide further support to National Golf Authorities in Europe to facilitate the implementation of the interoperability system in their country, and to ease the participation in competitions across the globe and the return of extra day scores at foreign courses.


 “I am very pleased that we coordinated this seminar involving our members and colleagues from The R&A. Some good progress was made, and the understanding and acceptance of the interoperability standards is growing. It was important to involve the colleagues from National Golf Authorities that are in charge of the technical aspects of the system” said Jan Visser, Chairman of the EGA Handicapping and Course Rating Committee.


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