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Beyond the immediate support in different ways and the concern for our friends and neighbours, the time will come again, hopefully soon, that Ukrainian golfers will be willing and able to compete in international golf championships outside of Ukraine. The EGA resolves to help welcome these players back into Europe's golfing family with open arms as soon as possible.


Therefore, in full agreement with the Ukrainian Golf Federation (UGF), the EGA has set up a fund to help golfers from Ukraine resume participation in international competition.


Called the 'UGF Fund', the money will be used to settle expenses incurred by Ukrainian golfers when competing in events approved by the UGF outside Ukraine. The UGF has already provided the EGA with a list of championships in 2022 where they are wanting to enter players and require financial support.


Such events may include the World Amateur Team Championships, the European Men's and Ladies' Team Shield Championships in which Ukraine has always competed, the European Young Masters, the European Men's and Ladies' Championships, as well as other amateur, ladies', boys' and girls' events organised by EGA members throughout the year.


The Ukrainian teams at the 2021 European Team Shield Championship


Accommodation and expenses for food and beverage incurred during the championships by UGF-approved Ukrainian teams, individual players or staff in the country where the event is being staged will be paid for out of the UGF Fund. Entry fees and team fees will also be paid from the UGF Fund.


For those willing to support Ukrainain golfers through the UGF Fund, your donations should, please, be sent to the following EGA bank account:


N° 103778-22-7

Bank name:  Credit Suisse (Switzerland) Ltd

IBAN: CH09 0483 5010 3778 2200 7


Clearing: 4835

Reference: 'UGF Fund'


If you wish to donate via a credit card please follow this link:


or capture this QR code with your smartphone:



The EGA will only consider a funding request when the UGF has approved the participation of a Ukrainian golfer or team. The UGF must always send an official notification to the EGA office prior to a championship.


Travel to the country in which a championship is taking place will be the responsibility of the UGF which has specifically agreed that the cost of such international transport may be reimbursed only once the war is over and financial transactions to Ukraine can resume.


The UGF Fund will remain in the EGA's Swiss bank account and will be accounted for separately. The responsibility for seeking approval from the UGF, receiving the bills from hosting federations and making payments out of the UGF Fund will rest solely with the EGA.


The hosting federation of a championship with Ukrainian participation will be asked to make initial payment for expenses and will be reimbursed out of the UGF Fund.


The EGA's initiative follows an earlier statement concerning the situation in Ukraine released by EGA President, Jan Hubrecht.