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Borsa Golf Club, Slovakia.


The match play qualifying rounds have started here at Borsa Golf Club in Slovakia for the Men’s and Boy’s Division 2 team championship, and a lot of tight matches have been played.


In the Men’s Flight A matches, stroke play leading team Scotland (4.5) has defeated Austria (2.5). Despite getting the first point in the fist match, the Austrian have not been able to keep up with the Scottish players in the afternoon singles.


In the second part of the first seed, Portugal (4) has been able to defeat Czech Republic (3) in a tight overall match. After a 1-1 morning, the first points in the afternoon have been taken by the first two Czech players, Filip Jakubcik (3&2) and Tomi David (4&3), who then only needed to secure one more point to see themselves in the final. However, Portugal showed eagerness and fought back, and won two of their afternoons matches on the 18th green, while last Portuguese player Daniel Da Costa Rodrigues secured the last point with a 3&2 win.


Special mention to Icelandic player Dagbjartur Sigurbrandsson, who carded a hole-in-one on the par 3 16th, from 137 meters!


Tomorrow’s finals will see compete Scotland and Portugal for the first and second place, and Austria will fight for the third place against Czech Republic. Some great golf will be needed to secure a spot for the promotion in the Division 1.


On the Boys side, first two-days leading team Austria has defeated Wales (4.5 – 2.5). The morning foursome matches have both been won by the Austrian players, with a first victory 4&3 and the second 3&1. Mathias Weiss (AUT) secured the last needed point for the Austrian team on the 21st hole. A great win!


The other match in the first seed saw the Icelandic team win 4&3 over Scotland. Like the Austrian, Iceland also took the first two points during the morning foursomes, with a win on the 19th hole and another 2&1 victory. Despite playing some great golf and winning three of the 5 five afternoon matches, Scotland has not been able to defeat the Icelandic team. Icelandic player Markus Marelsson settled the deal with a win on the 21st hole of his match and took the last needed point to ensure his team a spot in the final tomorrow.


In tomorrow’s final, we will see Austria and Iceland fight for first and second place, and Wales against Scotland. It promises a day full of birdies!