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2021 European Team Championships: Update

The 2021 European Team Championships, scheduled to take place simultaneously from 6-10 July, are set to be played at a number of outstanding venues this season.


The Ladies' event will be played at Royal County Down in Northern Ireland, the Men's at Vasatorp Golf Club in Sweden, the Girls' at Hilversumsche in the Netherlands, and the Boys' at Fureso Golf Club in Denmark.


With the championship season just around the corner, the EGA is pleased to confirm that the European Team Championships will revert to their 'normal' format this year.


In 2020, due to Covid-19, the European Team Championships that did go ahead were played with a 'reduced' format.


This season, the competitions will be played with the usual six-player team and five-day format; The teams will have two days available for practice on the course followed by two stroke play qualifying rounds and three match play rounds.

In the 2021 European Amateur and European Boys' Team Championships, teams will not be relegated if they finish in the bottom three, as is normally the case. This measure will be put in place to ensure that teams are not unfairly relegated should they not be able to travel to an event, or should they be missing top players due to Covid-19 travel restrictions.


This will not prevent teams from being promoted however; The nations finishing in the top three positions in the Amateur and Boys' Division 2 events at Estonian Golf & County Club, Estonia, will still be promoted to Division 1 in 2022. 


The entry deadline for federations to enter their teams for the European Team Championships is 24 May at 17:00 (CET).


This season, any team or player will be fully refunded, regardless of the time of cancellation, for the following reasons:


  • Inability to travel to an EGA championship due to Covid-19 related travel restrictions in the player’s or team’s country or in the venue's country.

  • Because of illness.

  • Because an event has been rescheduled to a date when the player or team is unable to travel for any reason.