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2017 Annual General Meeting Summary

2017 Annual General Meeting Summary

The EGA’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on 18 November in the Olympic Capital of Lausanne, Switzerland. Delegates representing 39 of the member federations were present. Below are some of the key moments of the meeting in the following order:

  • Election of a new EGA President
  • New Member Federation Admitted
  • New Strategy Approved
  • WAGR Report – EGA Event Strength 2017
  • Executive Committee Changes and Elections

Pierre Bechmann Elected the EGA's new President

The AGM was held in the home country of the retiring president, Jean-Marc Mommer, as is tradition for the EGA every two years. During the meeting, Mommer officially passed his position to Pierre Bechmann, France, who will act as the association’s president for the coming two years. Bechmann has already served on the EGA’s Championship Committee, the EGA’s Executive Committee as the president-elect, and has previously represented The R&A as captain.

Jean-Marc Mommer, who is currently the president of the Swiss Golf Association, will serve on the EGA’s Executive Committee for the next two years as the past president and as the chairman of Golf Europe.

Haukur Örn Birgisson, Iceland, who has also served on the EGA’s Championship and Executive Committees, was elected to the position of president-elect. If approved by the delegates, he will replace Bechmann as President at the AGM in 2019.

(Pierre Bechmann addresses the general assembly)

New Member Federation Admitted

The Chairman of the Belarusian Golf Association (BGA), Vladimir Drazhin, delivered a presentation and a short video to the general assembly about the current situation regarding golf in the Republic of Belarus, as well as future plans to develop the game in the country. Drazhin presented the BGA's plans to help promote golf in schools, and to support its international representation and collaboration.

The EGA’s members unanimously voted to accept the Belarusian Golf Association’s application for membership. It has officially become the 48th member of the association and will join the North Zone.

New Strategy Approved

Jean-Marc Mommer presented the general assembly with a proposal of a new strategy on behalf of the Executive Committee, which was approved unanimously. 

WAGR Report – EGA Event Strength

A report was delivered on behalf of the World Amateur Golf Ranking. In 2017, the EGA’s individual championships both featured in the top-5 for event strength in the men’s and women’s categories. The European Ladies’ Amateur Championship was the strongest event in Europe, while the men’s was the second strongest in terms of field strength. The European Amateur Team Championship ranked as the fourth strongest European male event, while the European Ladies’ Amateur Team Championship ranked as the third strongest European female event. The European Girls’ Team Championship was ranked as the seventh strongest European female event of the year.


Changes to the EGA’s Executive Committee

Executive Committee Members Finishing their Term

  • Colin Wood, Scotland (Past President – and also subsequently becomes an Honorary President)
  • Alexis Godillot, France (Championship Committee Chairman)
  • Gorazd Kogoj, Slovenia (South Zone Officer)
  • Monique Loehlein, Germany (Central Zone Officer)

Newly Elected Executive Committee Members

  • Haukur Örn Birgisson, Iceland (changing from North Zone Officer to President-Elect)
  • Jean-Marc Mommer, Switzerland (changing from President to Past President and Chairman of Golf Europe)
  • John R. Jones, Wales (Championship Committee Chairman)
  • Zdeněk Kodejš, Czech Republic (Central Zone Officer)
  • Stefano Manca, Italy (South Zone Officer)
  • Jim Staffensen, Denmark (North Zone Officer)