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Golf Development


Around 60 thousand boys and girls in 300 different schools from all over Spain have been given the opportunity to play golf in their own school, during the hours dedicated to physical education. This is the essence of the programme 'Golf in Schools', developed by the Royal Spanish Golf Federation (RFEG) together with the autonomous federations and clubs of different areas of Spain, with the aim of bringing this special sport closer to whole of Spanish society.

Little by little, what began as a Navarrian initiative, where the happy project began in pioneering form in September 2010, has spread throughout Spain, slowly but surely.

The promotion of the sport of golf within schools, precisely at a key stage of life in the knowledge of any subject, was cemented in the whole of Spanish society in 2016, extending its reach to various populations of Madrid, Andalucia, Valenciana, Castilla La Mancha, Castilla y León ..., a slow but continuous process that, in collaboration with the various Departments of Education, supports the incorporation of golf in schools within Physical Education for compulsory cycles of Primary and Secondary Education (children 6 to 16 years).

To this end, the RFEG promotes a training program aimed at teachers, bringing together the knowledge and experiences of other countries that already develop golf within schools, emphasising that each student is different and that golf employs a comprehensive series of movements that contribute to long-term physical development.

At the time, groups of local professional golfers, with experience in training for children, are selected to develop the Golf Program in Schools. The training includes all the detailed contents of the 25 classes that, on average, are given to the students of the schools according to their age, as well as the material necessary for the development of these courses, consisting mainly of a completely safe kit of foam, velcro, and polyurethane.

Soft golf balls, which, to facilitate the learning player, measure four centimeters in diameter, are valid for both interior and exterior play. Baskets with rings of different colors to give different punctuation according to where the ball falls, folding to facilitate its storage; and adapted plastic golf clubs, are all part of the Golf Kit, which enriches the usual sports equipment of schools.