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FFGolf and French Government Sign new General Agreement

Thomas Charrier -

This year the French Golf Federation (FFG) signed a new general agreement with French government authorities covering watering and maintenance of golf courses with the objective to reduce the impact on biodiversity and natural resources. Watering will still be allowed but clearly regulated in case of drought.

The use of pesticides is maintained, but, the government is requesting the golf community to conduct research on natural alternatives to chemical pesticides as well as on other key areas such as training in green-keeping best practice methods and preservation of biodiversity.

Monitoring progress in reducing consumption of water and of phytosanitary products has also been included in the agreement. As a result, concrete actions in the daily management of playing areas are expected to be taken. This is a great step forward because the authorities will support the golf industry in its plans to reduce its environmental impact in the future. This agreement is valid until 2024.

You can find more environment-related news from the French Golf Federation, and also an interview with FFG President, Jean-Lou Charon, regarding the new agreement here.