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EGA Sustainability Experts Group Newsletter #3

"Climate change and environmental protection have become one of the major preoccupations facing governments across the world. In the last decade, we have rapidly moved from instilling ecological awareness, to admitting that the number of increased warnings are becoming aggressively louder and louder, thus forcing the move for finding valuable solutions for our current world-wide catastrophe in the making. It is a true and necessary democratic process.

We are now being bombarded by good intentions from various authorities. In every part of the world, we are also witnessing more and more frequent demonstrations in favor of drastic measures to save our environment.  

In this transformational political context, the golf industry, a nature-based sport, has reacted promptly and countless measures have been taken to preserve wildlife, to respect nature, to reduce waste, and more generally to contribute to the well-being of the planet.

In this edition of the EGA Sustainability Experts Group Newsletter you will find six articles on best-practice examples of what is being accomplished by some National Golf Federations, including a Spanish Golf Federation project to optimize energy consumption at the National Golf Center using solar power, a new sustainability agreement between the French Golf Federation and the French Government, and a new report from the French Museum of Natural History on the environmental impact of golf in France.

You can also read a case study from a Danish club using the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals as a framework for their sustainability projects, this year’s winners of the ‘Impegnati nel Verde”, a national award program instituted by the Italian Golf Federation in partnership with two government agencies for sustainable projects and initiatives in Italy, and the introduction of GEO’s OnCourse application in the Netherlands.

Let’s be practical, protecting mother nature is a long-term effort but with a little bit of enthusiasm it can yield short-term successes.

We encourage you to share the following newsletter with everyone interested in protecting the planet. The subscription is free. The link to sign up can be found below."

Jean-Marc Mommer – Chairman Golf Europe

EGA Sustainability Experts Group Newsletter #3