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Golf Development

Case Study: Portugal's 9 & 1/2 week Programme to Attract new Golfers

The Portuguese Golf Federation launched a new programme in 2022 aimed at attracting new players to the sport.

The initiative, run in collaboration with a number of golf clubs and academies in Portugal, invites beginners to attend 19 lessons over the duration of '9 and 1/2 weeks'.



The programme is affordable, only costing 10 Euros per lesson for a total of 190 Euros. However, if participants sign up as members at the club where they took the lessons, they receive a 190 Euro reduction in the membership fee, and also get their Portuguese Golf Federation license free for the first year.

The Portuguese Golf Federation also partnered with Decathlon to help promote the progromme online and in-store.




A media campaign was run to help promote the program and challenge preconceptions about the game in Portugal. The campaign included a mini-series on youtube, and the engagement of social media influencers who completed and documented the 9 & 1/2 weeks programme themselves.

The initiative has already seen some success, with a number of clubs selling out of spaces in the induction programmes, and the federation reaching a record number of registered players.

The full description of the programme can be found in the presentation below:



9 & 1/2 Week Beginners Programme