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European Amateur Ranking - as from January 2005

We are pleased to announce that, as from January 1st 2005, a European Amateur Ranking for Ladies and Men will officially be launched.
The conditions will be as follows:

Number of Tournaments to be counted:

18 tournaments for Men and 15 for Ladies divided in three/two bands.

Band 1British AmateurLadies' British Amateur
European IndividualEuropean Ladies' Individual
 Spanish Ladies' International
Band 2Spanish InternationalNone
Brabazon Trophy
Lytham Trophy
St Andrews Links Trophy
Band 33 tournaments (open events) chosen by each of the 4 Zones

Point System:

• Points are distributed to the 20 first players.

Band 1from 100 points for the 1stto 15 points for the 20th
Band 2from 80 points for the 1stto 10 points for the 20th
Band 3from 60 points for the 1stto 1 point for the 20th

Extra points awarded:
For Men:    
Selection in the St Andrews Trophy (Continental or GB&I)
Selection in the Michael Bonallack Trophy (European Team)

British Open
Silver Medal
Play 4 rounds
"Open" start
50 points
50 points

80 points
60 points
40 points
For Ladies:
Selection in the Vagliano Trophy    50 points    
For Ladies & Men:
A Maximum of 2 best USA College Tournaments will count within this choice:    
NCAA Division One
Points Band 1
Points Band 2
Calculation of ranking:

• The ranking will be calculated up to the best of 4 events.

• Results will be published on our website after each counting Championship.