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2009 European Ladies' Club Trophy

European Ladies' Club Trophy
GC Bergisch Land Wuppertal, Germany
24-26 September 2009

After a thrilling day of excellent golf the GC St.Leon-Rot won the European Club Trophy Ladies 2009 at the GC Bergisch Land. With two birdies on the last hole Popov and Lingelbach (both GC St.Leon-Rot) brought their team back to the top. In the end there was only one shot between the GC St.Leon-Rot and the RCF La Boulie. Junior Solheim Cup player Sophia Popov (GER) also won the individual competion with 219 shots, followed by Nicole Lingelbach (GER) with 221 shots and the two french players Ines Lescudier and Manon Gidali with 222 shots.


1. GC St. Leon-Rot (Germany)

2. RCF la Boulie (France) 

3. Czech Republic


From left to right: RCF la Boulie (France), 2nd - GC St. Leon-Rot (Germany), 1st - (Czech Republic), 3rd