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Patsy Hankins Trophy

PT Portugal


Patsy Hankins

Patsy Hankins (1945-2015), was one of the most respected golf administrators New Zealand has produced. Her legacy as a trailblazer in golf administration grew due to her long list of achievements and kind and gentle approach. From fostering the development of the women’s game to playing a key role in the amalgamation of men’s and women’s golf, Patsy was incredibly influential and will leave a long lasting legacy in the game not only in New Zealand but around the world. Patsy was an accomplished player, representing Bay of Plenty Thames Valley, but it was in administration that she really made her mark.
Patsy progressed to the Board of Women’s Golf New Zealand in 2000 and four years later became their Chair. It was at this time that she really started to influence. The process of the amalgamation of men’s and women’s golf was not easy and it took a good two years to finalise the relationship. Patsy was a key figure, always remaining positive and realizing that this would only be good for our game. When this happened and New Zealand Golf Incorporated came to being, Patsy was elected the first President, a reflection of the esteem in which she was held. In 2012 Patsy Hankins was elected Women’s Chairman of the IGF, a confirmation of her wonderful abilities as a contributor to the game. Her appointment was one of the biggest achievements by a New Zealand golf administrator. Not one to rest on those laurels, Patsy was bestowed one of the greatest honours in golf when she was offered membership at the Royal and Ancient Golf Club and was one of seven women who accepted membership to the prestigious club. Only recently Patsy travelled to the home of golf where she became the inaugural Women’s Net Medal winner at the Autumn Meeting for members of The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews.

Form of Play

The Patsy Hankins Trophy will consist of two teams of twelve representing Europe and Asia-Pacific. There will be three days of play. The first two days will comprise five foursomes matches each morning and five four-ball matches each afternoon. On the final day, all twelve team players will compete in singles match play. A win will count as one point, a half yields half a point and a lost match will return zero. In the event of a tie, the trophy shall be retained by the holders.

European Selection

The World Amateur Golf Ranking will be used as the main reference in addition to a number of captain’s picks. According to the match conditions, no more than two players may be selected from the same country.

The Patsy Hankins Trophy will be played for the first time in 2016.
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Vidago Palace Golf Course
PT Portugal

The Vidago Palace Golf Course enchants and challenges the most experienced player with its unique qualities being proud to became the second Portuguese Member of World of Leadin

The Vidago Palace Golf Course enchants and challenges the most experienced player with its unique qualities being proud to became the second Portuguese Member of World of Leading Golf (WLG).

The magnificent Vidago Palace Golf Course was redesigned by Cameron & Powell company from an original Mackenzie Ross built in 1936. With a totally new route in accordance with the specifications of USGA for greens and tees, currently has a field Pair 72, which allows the realization of international championships. A transformation that has kept intact the identity of the original design and faithfully reflects the beauty, the spirit and the distinguishing marks of a field that boasts unique qualities for this sport practice. The Vidago Palace Hotel Golf Course enchants and challenges the most experienced player.

Here you will find specialized and dedicated employees, available to guide you and give the best assistance to your event/group. The Golf Course boasts odd characteristics, offering – in simultaneously – conditions of exclusive accommodation, once the sumptuous Vidago Palace Hotel is located within 200 meters, both inside the Vidago Park. With top-level training conditions, the Vidago Palace Golf Course offers also a driving range with more than 300 meters, tees on both sides of the course and a putting and chipping green suitable for short game. Unique conditions that appeals to every type of player, with the excellence of it’s a Championship Golf Course.

The Golf Course provides also a modern Club House. Designed by the architect Alvaro Siza Vieira, it has an inviting indoor decoration and features a large space, about 440 square meters, clean lines, illuminated in its center by a rectangular skylight. In the restaurant space, a glass wall allows observing the bustle of the drumstick, while contemporary furniture spread throughout surface. With high ceilings, stone terraces, sitting area and wireless internet, the Restaurant & Bar Club House – situated a few meters from the main hotel building – is a cozy space also for non-players. Ideal for enjoying a meal appetizing or simply rest between a round of golf.

Finally, the Vidago Palace Golf Course is proud to became the second Portuguese Member of World of Leading Golf (WLG). The World of Leading Golf is a corporation that represents the most distinctive golf clubs in Europe. At the same time, it is a brand identifying these golf clubs to the demanding golf player and the interested public.

Vidago Palace Golf Course
Parque de 5-307 Vidago 
Phone: +351 276990980
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