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European Senior Ladies' Team Championship

PL Poland



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Sierra GC
PL Poland

The complex Sierra Golf Club is situated in Pętkowice near Wejherowo, on the area of 82 ha, around 25 km from west borders of Tri-City.

The complex Sierra Golf Club is situated in Pętkowice near Wejherowo, on the area of 82 ha, around 25 km from west borders of Tri-City. The beauty of nature, perfect equipment and personnel professionalism and care about our guests comfort, create a unique atmosphere of the club. SGC is not only a safe golf club, but also a place of friends meetings, who have common passions.
Sierra Golf Club meets all the world standards, offering a full-scale, 18 holes master class golf field (par 72), equipped with a modern driving range (26 stands sheltered against the rain), putting, chipping and pitching green.Currently, the Club associates over 300 members. It attracts more and more golf enthusiasts, thanks to which the level of the game raises. Every year, new prestigious events are introduced to calendar.
The course belonging to Sierra Golf Club was designed by a Scot, Cameron Sinclair. During preparatory works, the model of the existing relief was created, with the use of the most modern GPS system. Natural lay of the land was expanded into numerous hills and valleys, the streams and backwaters were cleaned and widened. The land of the course was drained, computer and integrated irrigation system was applied on the entire usable area. Sierra Golf Club have 38 self-propelled golf carts with an innovative system "Golf GPS". It is a device with 11 inches LCD screen and wireless Wi-Fi communication. Such a system supports players by displaying maps, distances, player’s location, results, information and advices. It also enables communication with a Club House, thank to which the players may order sandwiches and drinks, and reception personnel – signaling storm or emergency situations. 
The club house holds an area1000m2, which includes, a camera coffee bar, two bars, library, snooker table and a big terrace. There is a special club room for the members of Sierra Golf Club.
The avenue, planted with chestnut and lime trees leads to the old English club house, with a unique atmosphere.
The players have at their disposal modernly equipped cloakrooms with showers, and also two simulators of the newest generation, providing a possibility of playing golf for the whole year. Thanks to the simulators, they may observe the route of ball flight after each hit. The players have a preview of a golf course with high quality digital image, displayed from a projector.

In the restaurant you may taste Mediterranean cuisine and traditional Polish dishes. A combination of homely cuisine and elegant bistro can be observed. The inspiration for our cuisine is a healthy food with variety of tastes. We use only natural ingredients. In our menu there are tasty soups – including a popular French onion soup on white wine with thyme, fresh lettuce – delicious Ceasar salad with pickled shrimps in Cayenne pepper, pastas, with healthy whole-meal Penne with vegetables and our famous sandwiches in a variety of choice. The whole menu is accompanied by a choice of healthy, fresh vegetable and fruit juices, and carefully selected wine and champagne list. Certainly, the lovers of single Malt also find a rich choice of excellent drinks.

Sierra Golf Club Sp. z o. o.
84-200 Wejherowo
Phone: +48 58 778 49 00
Mobile: +48 663 666 620
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