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EGA Handicap System

At the Annual General Meeting of the European Golf Association (EGA) in October 1994 in Luxembourg, the National Associations, who were members of the EGA, decided unanimously that the EGA should have its own Handicapping Committee. In January 1995, the Executive Committee established the EGA Handicapping and Course Rating Committee (H&CRC) The main task of this Committee was to establish, maintain and regulate an EGA Handicap System that all EGA members could use in the future. It took several years of consultation with the National Associations to gather all the necessary information, but finally the EGA Handicap System was introduced on 1st January 2000.

The EGA Handicap System is based on three well-known cornerstones:

1.  Part III of the CONGU Scheme 1983, amended edition 1997

2.  The Course and Slope Rating System of the United States Golf Association

3.  The Stableford System to achieve Stroke Control

The purpose of the system is to produce fair playing handicaps that are adjusted to the relative difficulty of the course being played and to achieve equity and uniformity of handicapping throughout Europe.

If you have questions regarding the Handicap System, please revert in first instance to your national golf federation.

Should your national golf federation be unable to help you with your query, you may contact the EGA, at the following address: